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 FishFest V - Oct 19, 2024
Eastside Bowl, Nashville, TN

Major Announcement Coming Soon!


A message from Larry & Mary

Our Mission:

As passionate advocates for music and mental health, we invite you to join us in supporting FishFest, a transformative event that bridges the gap between talented local musicians and their deserving audience. Our mission is simple: to provide a stage, a community, and a lifeline for new local artists who often remain unheard.

Our Vision:

Through music and Metal Family connections, we aim to create a support network where everyone is invited to participate and share. Our goal is to prevent the loss of another loved one to suicide; with our collective experiences, we will accompany you on the journey back #outofthedarkness.

Our Purpose:

To unite musicians, fans, and entrepreneurs, fostering a community that supports one another both on and off the stage.

FF II photo cred @cap2redstudio
FF III @synnfoxphotography

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